About Us

Calvary Chapel Boulder City was founded in 2005. Under the guidance of Calvary Chapel Downtown Las Vegas, Pastor Derick MacFawn started Calvary Chapel Boulder City as a separate entity but still working closely with CCDLV to accomplish a broader vision and reach more people with the Gospel.

In July of 2010, Pastor Jason King answered God’s call to lead and serve the congregation of Calvary Chapel Boulder City. Having grown up in Boulder City, he counts it as a tremendous blessing to be able to serve the Lord Jesus Christ back in his hometown.

Calvary Chapel is a fellowship of non-denominational Christian Churches that began with twenty-five people in Costa Mesa, California in 1965 with Pastor Chuck Smith. Today, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa is listed among the world’s twenty largest churches with more than thirty-five thousand people calling it their home church. Now, over 1500 Calvary Chapel affiliate churches have been established all over the world with the same philosophy. We believe the simple teaching of God’s Word, simply, is what will bring real change in the lives and hearts of people. We believe that revival happens when the Spirit of God is working through the Word of God in the people of God, and by that basic truth the people of God will be equipped to reach a lost and dying world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Calvary Chapel Boulder City is an affiliate church of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. For nearly 40 years Calvary Chapels have been distinctly characterized by contemporary worship and verse by verse teaching of the whole Bible.